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Rediscover a sense of calm and clarity in situations that are complex, stalled, or seemingly at a standstill. This workshop presents a unique chance to gain clarity and explore new possibilities for tackling your pressing questions and challenges. It also offers strategies for effectively managing your emotions, aiding in navigating through these challenging scenarios with a renewed perspective.

Viewing one’s situation from new angles, breaking free from stagnation.
Discovering creative solutions in complex, stalled situations.
Developing the necessary resources to act and trigger significant changes.
Regaining serenity in stressful environments.
Approaching daily life more calmly, with less guilt or inaction.



Drawing upon the collective strength of the group, each participant delves into personal and/or professional situations without the necessity to share or identify them explicitly. All participants engage collectively in addressing their challenges within the same timeframe. The methodology includes the use of three distinct card decks—emotions, world, and characters. Participants are also encourage to use paper and pencil to document any insights or discoveries they encounter during the process.

Topics explored

Reexamine a situation or a question that has become stalled, immobile, or is no longer progressing - a scenario that necessitates a deeper level of clarity, a willingness to be open, and the need for enhanced tranquility and peace of mind.

Duration of the workshop

Allow 3 hours

Number of participants
from 2 to 12 participants


Who is this workshop for:

This workshop is designed for parents, professionals, caregivers, and anyone looking to work on self-improvement. It's ideal for individuals who wish to unlock a situation, gain a fresh perspective on it, and broaden their understanding and awareness of the issue they are facing.

The workshop also aims to enhance personal resources, restore serenity in stressful situations, and approach daily life with less guilt or inaction.

Regardless of the nature of the issue, this workshop provides a safe space for exploration, clarification, and the discovery of new possibilities.


This workshop also aims to develop personal resources, find serenity in stressful contexts and approach everyday life with less guilt or immobility.

No matter the nature of the problem, this workshop offers a safe space to explore, clarify and open new horizons. 

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