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Atelier de formation des editions hellotools par Fabienne Chazeaux
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Explore Our Range: Cards, Books, Educational Tools, and Beyond

Hellotools specialises in offering innovative products and tools in personal development, aimed at supporting a diverse range of caregivers including parents, managers, educators, therapists, and healthcare professionals. Additionally, our resources are tailored for individuals seeking to enhance their personal potential and access their inner resources.

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Logo hellotoolsCANVAV3.png
Mes cartes mondes de Fabienne Chazeaux par hellotools

At Hellotools, we are dedicated to offering tools and products designed to unlock your potential and support your free expression. We firmly believe that the answers you're looking for are within you, and we're here to help you find them.

Our range of products will guide you on your journey of self-discovery and enhancing your understanding of others, whether it's to improve your relationships or to venture into new realms of thought. Embark on this rewarding journey with us!

Be the first to explore the "Mes Cartes" collection by Fabienne Chazeaux, an innovative and powerful method for tapping into your inner wisdom and accessing a wealth of untapped internal resources.

mes cartes personnages de Fabienne chazeaux par les éditions hellotools
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Come and try out different methods of using

MyEmotionsCards, MyMapsWorlds And MyCardsCharacters.

Workshops designed for caregivers, managers, and individuals eager to delve deeper into the potential of card-based techniques.

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WORKSHOP "Opening Possibilities"
Rediscover peace of mind in complex, stagnant, or unprogressive situations. This workshop provides you with the chance to gain clarity and explore new horizons to address your questions and challenges.

Join our guided visualisations


A rapid and effective method for accessing your inner wisdom and resources.

Extremely valuable in trauma management, it facilitates the creation of new resources and neural connections. This method aids in the process of releasing and reclaiming a space of freedom for authentic self-expression.


1 session every 15 days, facilitated by Fabienne Chazeaux

Module 4 = Revitalise from Within: Embark on a Transformative Journey to Explore, Heal, and Reconnect with Your Inner Child


Module 5 =  Inner Dialogues, Stories of the Past, and Visualisation of the Future

Module 6 =  Healthy and Powerful Boundaries: Cultivating Protection, Connection, and Compassion

Module 7 =  Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs. Pathways to Empowerment: Nurturing Intuition, Healing the Self, and Expanding Horizons

Module 8 =  Unveiling Serenity: Embracing the Power of Inner Peace.

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Pour toutes questions, n'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec Hellotools, nous sommes toujours ravis de vous répondre. 

Merci pour votre envoi. Nous revenons vers vous rapidement. 

L'équipe des Editions Hellotools

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