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Discover Innovative Solutions in Complex or stuck  Scenarios WORKSHOP

Stuck context or issues


Unleash Creativity in Complex Situations: Discover creative solutions when faced with intricate challenges.
Initiate Change in Stagnant Scenarios: Kickstart transformation in situations that seem stuck or unchanging.
Reclaim Serenity in Stressful Contexts: Regain a sense of peace and composure when dealing with stress.
Approach Daily Life with Calmness: Cultivate a serene mindset for everyday living.
Address Issues Collaboratively and Discreetly: Work on problems without the need for immediate discussion, while still benefiting from the insights of fellow participants.

(at least initially) while benefiting from the contributions of other participants.




Drawing on the collective power of the group, each member delves into their own personal and professional scenarios without the obligation to disclose or specify them. All participants engage simultaneously in this shared environment, focusing on their respective challenges. The process involves utilizing three distinct sets of cards—emotions, world, and characters—to aid in exploration. Additionally, participants are encouraged to use paper and pencil for recording any insights or discoveries made during the session.

Topics explored

When you need to revisit something you re feeling stuck with, you would like to move forward but you dont know how to , you re looking for new way of looking at it, feeling more serenity and peaceful about it


Allow 3 hours

Number of participants
from 2 to 12 participants


Who is this workshop for:

For anyone seeking to resolve a challenging situation, adopting a fresh perspective and expanding their understanding and awareness of the issue at hand can be immensely beneficial. This approach is particularly useful for individuals who prefer not to explicitly identify or discuss the specific problem they are facing but still wish to gain deeper insights and find solutions.

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